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Performance sports highlight those skills that are innately unique to specific breeds. It is a fact that specific breeds are naturally better at performing certain functions than others. There are many sports included on the AKC website in this category. Here we are highlighting two enjoyed by many of our club members. Hunt Trial and Field Tests and Fast Cat.

For broader information on AKC performance sports:

Hunt and Field.png

Hunt Tests and Field Trials provide natural outlets for English Setters and those who enjoy sporting with their dogs to showcase what they were bred to do. These outdoor events are both a great source of social activity and exercise for dogs and their handlers.  Many of our club members are extensively involved in this category of performance sports. As such, you will likely see events and achievement information related to these activities  in other areas of our website. Pictured below is one of our longstanding club members, Frank Luksa, Jr. in a photo with one of his setters at a hunt event. The setter in the field is also his, the FIRST ever Grand Champion Master Hunter English Setter. She is foundation bitch to his and his wife’s Windsor Setter Kennel -


(, the dam of the 13th ever dual champion setter and grand dam to three more dual champions.  Meet Duchess, (Grand Champion Editions Navigator Master Hunter, 8/10/2006-12/27/2018).  We are proud to honor her legacy here.

Fast Cat.jpg

Fast Cat is relatively new. It is an up and coming AKC sport and apparently, its popularity is spreading. Fast CAT® stands for Coursing Ability Test. It is a timed 100-yard dash where dogs run one at a time, chasing a lure. Fast CAT is an all breed sport, including mixed breed.

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