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CCESC Member Renewal Application

CCESC Member Renewal Application

I agree to abide by the CCESC Constitution and By-Laws, ESAA Code of Ethics, and the Rules of the American Kennel Club. Submission of an e-mail address indicates agreement to electronic notification of club communications.

Check all that apply:

ESAA CODE OF ETHICS: Submission of this form indicates agreement to the following Code Of Ethics:
I understand that membership in the English Setter Association of America is a pledge of sportsmanship, ethics, and
responsibility and that as a member:

  • I am the caretaker not only of the individual dog but of the reputation and welfare of the breed as a whole.

  • It is my responsibility to educate the public and to explain, define, and protect the breed.

  • It is incumbent upon me to set the example of each dog being individually cherished but only the physically and

  • temperamentally sound being bred.

  • I accept the premise that if I breed a litter those dogs are my responsibility throughout their lifetime.

  • My conduct and actions in the sport should reflect positively upon the Association and other fanciers of the breed.

  • I will volunteer my time and talents in Association works and endeavors.

  • I will encourage the novice, guide the beginner, and school the student while myself seeking to exhibit the friendly sportsmanship that befits this gentlemen’s breed.

CCESC will use online voting where feasible. Elect to opt out of online balloting and request paper only ballots here:
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