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As a new member and now webmaster to CCESC, I have found it difficult to piece together a historical timeline of this wonderful club. One thing I have learned is that while my fellow setter enthusiasts may have introvert tendencies when it comes to themselves, the “gloves are off” when it comes to their pets! In fact, our setters are not just our pets, they are cherished family members. Ask a fellow setter owner about the breed and their four legged family members and conversation flows freely! I have poured through past newsletters and stalked members on Facebook, sent out emails and asked directly at club events and what I have learned is this:

Prior to being sanctioned by the AKC in 2007, the “club” existed long before, possibly well over 30 years ago. There are many legacy members active in the club who are still breeding and enjoying conformation, companion and performance activities with their setters. The first club “Fun Day” which has become an annual event was hosted around 2012 by Deb and Lee Hallock at their 17 acre farm in Stanfield, NC. The last one was just this past April, 2024 and was as successful as the first, so I am told. I can speak for my husband and myself, we had a blast! Club Members we have had the privilege of meeting at multiple events are passionate about this breed and excited that with our new website, we can continue the objectives of the club as delineated on our Membership Page. One of the most delightful aspects of being a  club member is observing the camaraderie evident at the live events, even when members are competing against each other! We have been privileged to see some of the most beautiful setters ever and my husband is truly in “Setter Heaven” whenever we are in attendance.  It would be amazing to catalog all of the titles earned by club members over the years and that legacy continues. If you want to learn more about our club, or about English Setters, please feel free to contact us at the links provided. We are here for you! You can also enjoy our archived newsletters to learn more about our past history.

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In the meantime, let me leave you with this . . . 

From the Archives - Feathers and Flews, The Newsletter of the Central Carolina English Setter Club, February 4, 2010, Volume 3, Issue 1- Meet “BIKINI” - Karen and Conny describe Bikini as “the dog of a lifetime”. That statement of pride draws no dispute. At the CCESC awards luncheon in December (2009), Bikini was elected by the club membership as our “Setter of the Year” in what was described as a “landslide” win. - Bikini is the top winning tri-colored bitch in English Setter dog show history.

Breeder / Owners Conny Helms, with sister Karen and her husband Greg Corey - Editions English Setters are CCESC Club Members

MBIS MBISS AM/CAN CH. Editions Radioactive

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