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Companion events are designated as such, because they truly highlight the companionship between an owner and dog, who train together for these activities, creating a special bond. These events are categorized as: Agility, Obedience, AKC Rally®  and Tracking.



is fast paced, requiring the dog to energetically complete an obstacle course off lead, at the direction of the handler.



is one of the oldest AKC events, developed in the 1930’s. It involves your dog performing certain exercises on and off lead, during which a numeric score is earned for execution and intended to demonstrate the teamwork between you and your well-behaved, well-trained dog.



Rally is a bridge for moving from the Canine Good Citizen program to Obedience and Agility. Dogs typically course through a predetermined route of 10 to 20 “stations,” at which signs provide specific instructions on a skill to be completed. Rally is meant to be fun, to encourage handlers to train their dogs to be good citizens in their communities.



Tracking is non-competitive. It is foundational to canine search and rescue work. This activity is thought to be the most pleasurable in the companionable hours spent training and working directly with the dog during tracking events.

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